My research

Ongoing projects

How Corporate Social Responsibility Influences Price Expectations: The Moderating Effect of Price Image (with Tarje Gaustad). Working paper. Presented at ACR, Atlanta, October 2019. R&R.

Advertising and happiness: Evidence from the European Social Survey. (with Monica Guillen-Royo, Cicero). Working paper. Presented at Johan Arndt 2022.

The impact of firm carbon emission reduction strategies on perceived sustainability (with Tarje Gaustad). Presented at Johan Arndt 2022, EMAC 2023.

The effect of wooden buildings on perceived corporate sustainability (with Erlend Nybakk & Eric Hansen)

Peer-reviewed articles in international journals

Utgård, Jakob (2023). «Environmental certification and customer satisfaction: Evidence from kindergartens». Management of Environmental Quality. Download pdf (preprint)

Gaustad, Tarje., Utgård, Jakob., & Fitzsimons, Gavin. J. (2020). «When accidents are good for a brand». Journal of Business Research 107: 153-161. Download pdf (preprint).

Utgård, Jakob. 2018. “Retail Chains’ Corporate Social Responsibility Communication.” Journal of Business Ethics 147 (2): 385-400. doi:10.1007/s10551-015-2952-2. Download pdf (preprint)

Utgård, Jakob, Arne Nygaard, and Robert Dahlstrom. 2015. “Franchising, Local Market Characteristics and Alcohol Sales to Minors.” Journal of Business Research 68: 2117–24. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2015.03.010. Download pdf (preprint).

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Utgård, Jakob. 2019. «Regulering for bærekraft? Effektene av obligatorisk samfunnsansvarsrapportering». Magma, nr. 5, s 45-50.

Utgård, Jakob. 2017. «Er samfunnsansvar lønnsomt?» Magma, nr. 7, s. 24-30.

Nygaard, Arne, and Jakob Utgård. 2012. “En kunnskapsbasert varehandel.” Magma, nr.1, s. 61–68.

Utgård, Jakob. 2010. “Egne merkevarer i norsk dagligvarehandel: 20 % I 2020?” I Dagligvarehandel og mat 2010, redigert av Johanne Kjuus. Oslo: Norsk institutt for landbruksøkonomisk forskning.  Last ned pdf.

Utgård, Jakob. 2008. “Lidl i Norge: Problematisk etablering med varige effekter.” I Dagligvarehandel og Mat 2008, redigert av Ivar Pettersen. Oslo: Norsk institutt for landbruksøkonomisk forskning. Last ned pdf.